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How To Pick The Right Summer Camp For Your Child.

Summer Camp in Cooper City and Davie Florida 2016

No, you are not early. Yes, it is that time again. Actually, it might even be a little late. But not to worry… if you act now, you’ll make it, but how to go about selecting the perfect Summer Camp for your kids? Here are a few pointers. Choosing the right summer camp for your kids is a huge and complicated decision. This is an event that they will remember for their entire life and even has the potential to shape that life, whether positively or not. Think about it, your kids will spend 10 full weeks at the camp you choose. No pressure right? How difficult could it be? Let’s consider the ramifications.



Summer Camp in Cooper City, Davie, FL

Where is this camp held? Will the kids have room to stretch their legs, or will they be bundled together in a room? Will they be stuck in that one room for 8 hours straight minus bathroom breaks and lunch? Not even regular school is conducted this way, and Summer Camp is supposed to be fun. You definitely want a Summer Camp that offers rotation in their classes so that kids get to stretch their legs and experience a new environment often. You also want to choose a Camp that offers plenty of exercise and outside play time. After all, isn’t that the healthy way for a child to spend his/her day? Of course it is. That’s what all the doctors say. That said, do be cautious of camps that only offer outside play time. After all, we are in Florida, and we do not want our kids to bake in the sun all day and end up in the hospital due to dehydration, or second degree sunburns. A camp with air-conditioned rooms and a large grassy lot is ideal.


Summer Camp in Cooper City

You have a 4 year old and a 12 year old, and they don’t like to play much together? Of course not! Age difference dictates preferences and interests. That is why you also need to look for a camp that separates campers into groups by age! Not only does this ensure children have fun, it also guarantees their safety. How? Well picture a petite 5 year old playing tag football with a husky 12 year old… Cringing yet? Yes, camp structure is definitely important when considering a camp for your kids.


Summer Camp Field Trip

Children have shorter attention spans than adults. All parents know this. To keep a child engaged, there must be variety and movement in their daily “routine”. This is especially so during the summer when children expect to have fun. After all, they’ve just completed their school year and they do deserve a break! Notice the word routine above? It is there for a very special reason. Although children need variety and movement to find enjoyment in their day, they also need a stable routine to feel safe and secure. It is a delicate balance that must be achieved between these two things, and the right Summer Camp will ensure both. How? By providing a structured environment, with set classes and activities the kids can become familiar with, and then incorporating different “extra-curricular” activities that will become the highlight of the day, every day – and of course fun Field-trips to crown the week in glory!


Field trips in personal cars and minivans? We’ve seen those. Children picked up by relatives that were not authorized to do so? We’ve seen those as well… Scary? For sure. Are there plenty of camps out there run this haphazardly? Definitely. When picking the right Summer camp for your kids, this may be the single most important thing. Be happy when asked to fill out documents that will keep your kids safe. That Allergy form, or that Pick-up Authorization form could very well make all the difference. And a professional bus service for those fun field trips your kid is sure to enjoy is definitely a must. After all, we are not sure what kind of driver the camp supervisor, or young camp counselor is. Choose Your Summer Camp wisely. It is the place your beloved children will spend most of their summer, and the place with the potential to be remembered fondly for the rest of their lives – Or not… The local camp we recommend in Broward County is Cata Martial Arts Sports Camp.

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