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Martial arts training | Roundhouse kick

What is the best kick in Martial Arts?

Master the most important kick of your martial arts training.

There are thousands of different moves and techniques that one can learn during his or her martial arts training, but without a doubt the workhorse of any martial art but especially taekwondo is a “Roundhouse Kick”. It is responsible for more KO’s than all of the other kicks combined, its’ power is unmatched and it’s simplicity allows even a novice student to learn it and use it effectively in self defense or competition. Here are the steps to help you master this powerful “Roundhouse” kick in martial arts training.

Roundhouse Kick Step #1. Fighting stance.

Position your body into a balanced fighting stance, suitable for the situation and the technique. Just before executing the kick you may choose to shift some of your body weight onto a kicking leg in order to push off the floor with it instead of just lifting it upward.

Roundhouse Kick Step #2. Chamber.

Drive your kicking knee upward in the straight line toward the direction of the target. The force applied to the chamber sets the tone for the rest of the kick. A slower chamber requires you to use more muscle energy during pivot and extension before impact, and a fast chamber requires less energy through pivot and extension. Simple physics. Apply it now or later, it’s up to you.

Roundhouse Kick Step #3. Pivot.

Lift your grounded heel slightly and pivot your hip and your body sideways, in relation to your target, using upward momentum of a chamber. Try to keep you kicking knee aimed at the target during the transition. Control how much you pivot by driving your elbow on the same side as the kicking leg, in the opposite direction of the kick. By doing this, you can use your torso to adjust how much you’ll pivot.

Roundhouse Kick Step #4. Extend.

While continuing to pivot your hip and turn on the ball of your grounded foot, extend you kicking leg outward and point your toes straight ahead to impact the target area with the instep of your kicking foot. To increase power and drive through the target, simultaneously turn your hip downward and push into it with your extended leg at the moment of impact. This will allow you to apply more directional force.

Roundhouse Kick Step #5. Retract.

After impact with the target you will want to recover as quickly as possible in order to execute the follow up technique. Do this by retracting your kicking leg after the desired force has been delivered to the target. Based on circumstances you may want to retract your leg back, all the way towards your body, or just slightly, before lowering it to the floor and preparing yourself for another technique.

Roundhouse Kick Step #6. Recover.

Immediately after retracting your leg, you should recover as soon as possible. Do this by quickly dropping the kicking foot to the ground and right into another fighting stance. Depending on your desired outcome, you might want to drop the kicking leg in front and into an opposite fighting stance or retract the kicking leg all the way back behind you and into your original fighting stance position.

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