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Karate Sports Summer Camp in Davie

Karate Sports Summer Camp. Bigger And Better or Gone Too Far?

Karate Sports Summer Camp in Davie Florida – Making it bigger and better.

After last year’s highly successful summer camp we didn’t think that Cata Martial Arts would be able to top that, but they assure us that this year is going to be bigger and better. Parents in South Florida have lots of options this summer. A variety of parks, recreation departments and educational institutions will offer different summer camp programs, but one martial arts school has something a little more special. “The summer camp will not only be an introduction into the Olympic style Tae Kwon Do and self-defense but a variety of sports, arts, crafts, music and reading projects” said Nelson Hernandez owner of Cata Martial Arts.

“While many martial arts schools will offer some sort of summer camp, the vast majority of them will be held inside of a stuffy facility right on the mats, where your children will be touching and playing with dirty gym equipment. There are no classrooms for arts and crafts, and the only outdoor activity your kids will be doing is dodging passing cars in the back of the strip mall parking lot.”

In contrast, Cata Martial Arts’ sports summer camp will take place over a 10 week’s time during the summer. For a second year in a row we rented a campus of a local mega church. The campers will have access to a 6 acre field set up for different sports, games, water slides, water balloons, archery, bounce house, horse riding lessons, and lots of other vendors. Thirteen air conditioned classrooms will be waiting for them to cool off, or work on their arts project during the hottest time of the day. Every Monday, parents will receive a detailed breakdown of all the activities for the week.

Summer Camp in Cooper City

The summer camp itself is an immersion program for martial arts and other athletic activities, where they are getting in and learning a lot over the course of one summer. “Even in our games during the camp, there are martial arts. The 10-week camp can lead into regular martial arts classes. Kids aged 6 and older will be participating in weekly field trips to water parks, museums, laser tag, bowling etc..

“It would be a great opportunity for someone to come and get a nice introduction to Tae Kwon Do and martial arts and decide if it’s something they like,” he said. “Every martial arts lesson they do at the summer camp is credited toward their attendance, accelerating their rank promotion at our school.” A lot of stuff we do is life-skills building and character development, so it builds discipline, focus, good manners, confidence, humility and typical martial arts themes. Those are all things parents like and that are great for children.”

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