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No Bullying Bill Signed In Florida!

Local Martial Arts Schools Mobilize To Help With Bullying.

On Monday, Florida House passed HB 229 – an anti bullying bill, requiring districts to review the policies at least every three years. This would allow districts to update policies, accounting for new and evolving forms of bullying, like cyber-bullying.

All of Florida’s K-12 school districts are now required to review bullying and harassment policies more frequently to ensure they are completely comprehensive and up-to-date.

HB 229 comes as Florida’s school suspension rates are at a three-year low. According to Florida Department of Education data, only 371,427 students were suspended during the 2013-14 school year. This is 17,488 fewer than during the 2012-13 school year and 54,259 fewer than 2011-12. Large part of the drops could be attributed to early intervention for bullies.

Parents are educating their children about what bullying is. Because of this, students are reporting instances of bullying sooner, and the consequences are severe enough that a verbal or written warning suffices.

Some local martial arts schools are staying ahead of the curve by offering FREE anti bullying workshops and bully prevention classes for kids of all ages. They not only train children on how to defend themselves against a physical attack but more importantly on how to behave and carry yourself in order not to appear like an easy target and prevent bullying from occurring in the first place. They role play various scenarios and what to do in each situation to imitate stress level that child would be dealing with when the bullying happens.

Three things your child should know to prevent from being bullied.

  1. Maintain the eye contact. Children who are not afraid to look others directly in the eyes, look and feel more confident. Where as children that stare down at the ground or constantly shifting their gaze to avoid the eye contact, come off as insecure, timid and scared, making them appear to be much easier targets for the bullies.
  2. Walk with a purpose. Same reason as above. Children who slouch when they walk, shuffle their feet and avoid making eye contact, make themselves look like an easy target.
  3. Learn how to defend yourself. There are many martial arts schools that offer classes where your children can learn everything necessary for them to be able to stand up to a bully. Parents often worry that if their child learns how to kick and punch they will become a bully; this is a biggest misconception, in fact the more you child learns about fighting, more confident they will get. Thus eliminating the need to assert themselves by fighting. In addition most martial arts schools offer life skills and character development education as a part of their curriculum making it even less likely to have a martial arts student who will become a future bully.

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