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I always ask people what is the first thing that pops in their head when they think of Martial Arts. I would say the response for more than 50% is self-defense, and yet Martial Arts is all about respect. We teach that this comes before anything else - respect to parents, teachers, family, human beings, animals, and so on. If everyone would exercise respect, there would be no need for self-defense. Because of the lack of respect, damage control techniques are needed, band-aids applied to a lacking society. 

Besides respect, Martial Arts teaches many valuable things  such as courage, integrity, compassion, and loyalty. Technique is a secondary aspect where repetition, practice, hard work, and consistence help shape and round out a person's character. Martial Arts should always be addressed for its primary instruction - the secondary benefits will come as a direct result. Respect should be the foundation of it all.

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