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The Perfect After School For Your Active Child!

Your child can enjoy their time after school learning and playing with children with similar interests as them! CATA Martial Arts offers an After School Martial Arts program based around helping kids improve their physical skill set, leadership ability, and self-confidence through learning martial arts.

After School Martial Arts in Cooper City

Our professional instructors and teachers are experienced with coaching children of all ages and abilities. Our program is packed with martial arts activities and drills that your kids will love! Here are some of the benefits of our after school program:

1) We have a certified Broward School Teacher running our program. This is a great asset for our kids when it comes down to assistance with school homework.

2) Computer access for online school homework.

3) Access to a printer in order to print out school material if needed.

Your child will see improvements in grades and boosted self-confidence. They will spend their afternoons burning pent-up energy from a long school day while learning fun, cool self-defense moves.

After School in Cooper City

See the Benefits of CATA’s After School Martial Arts Program

  • After School in Cooper CityBoosted self-confidence
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Developed skills in leadership and teamwork
  • A fun and social after school experience
  • Regular exercise to keep health at an all-time high

Make After School Time Fun!

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