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  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    My daughter has learned so much from the amazing staff. She's polite and respectful. She's become more disciplined and exercises self control. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied.

    Carleen Robinson
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    Absolutely amazing instructors, environment and families! My daughter has an issue asserting herself and being bullied. She LOVES karate now! Reminds me on Fridays to pick her up early because she has karate school! She's never been so passionate about anything. She has fin and she's learning how to defend and stick up for herself. Love Instructors Nelson, Shannon and Paul!

    Sandra G.
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    Wow!!! What an amazing school ! I have looked around and honestly non compare to this one. Instructor Nelson and everyone at this school made me feel at home. They are amazing with the kids! Don't waste your tume looking around, this is where you need to go. Strongly recommend it.

    Sudy Roberto F.
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    This is a great school run by great people. A great investment for your children.

    Ryan Crossley
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    My kids love the summer camp program! When they get home they do not stop talking about all the fun they have and how awesome the counselors are!

    Priscilla Hernandez
  • My family and I recently joined CATA martial arts and I must say we not only learn new techniques but also have lots of fun and have a good time of fellowship. All the students that attend are well discipline and very respectful! I recommend this place to all!

    Michelle Abi
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    Professional, experienced and great with children.  Highly recommended!

    Ellen Sklar
  • To put it plain and simple: CATA Martial Arts rocks! My daughter and her two friends attended the summer camp and they had a blast! When the school year started, the three of them begun to take taekwondo classes four times a week, and they are loving it! Instructor Nelson, along with the other staff members, make the 45 minute class enjoyable and entertaining. Both students and parents taking the class participate in all sorts of exercise, and the reliable staff help them set achievable goals.

    Romina F.
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    My family and I have had an exceptional experience since joining Cata Martial Arts. Our daughter has grown both physically and mentally during her time there. Although her discipline has always been great, it has improved since joining. All of her instructors (Nelson, Shannon and Paul) are great examples for the her to follow. I highly recommend anyone of any age to join.

    Amy L.
  • Took my 6 year old daughter to their summer camp for 10 weeks. She's had a blast. Ownership is very loving and friendly but they also instill discipline principles which the children take home with them. Very professional as well. My daughter is looking forward to attending again next year!

    David R.
  • We had our assessment on Saturday with instructor Nelson and knew right away that this was the right place for our daughter. He was very helpful and friendly and really took his time explaining everything the school was about to us. What I was really impressed with was the way he talked to our daughter. She is very shy and quickly shuts down in front of strangers. He kept her captivated and focused in the moves he was teaching her and as soon as she got home she was already practicing. She can't wait to go to her 1st class. She's already doing better with the homework he assigned her so that she can get her white belt. I love that the same values and morals we teach her are going to be emphasized in each class. We can't wait to start.

    Laura I.
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    This place is amazing. I've been going for over a year and really enjoy the atmosphere, the classes and the instructors. I would highly recommend this location. We love you guys!!!

    Roberto Fernandez
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    re exhausted. "I'm boooooorrrrrrreed". Summer break, winter break, those happy times when we were young. It's different now. The things we did, summers at the pool, traveling from friend's house to friend's house, visiting relatives, it's all good work when you can get it. But the truth is, across the economic spectrum more and more of us are working. Our jobs are unforgiving. Our relatives are unavailable. In sum, those are not the times you are living and and you now have two options: (1) you try and manipulate and manage schedules so that you can cover as much times as you can, and if you wind up with a child at home or with friends; or (2) you do something about it. But what? Here's the answer, CATA Martial Arts. They run a summer camp, a camp for the breaks, if school is out for a day? They probably have an event plan. This was our doorway to CATA martial arts. A safe, trustworthy activity run by responsible people that could give the kids something to do and learn so they would not be bored. My step-daughter and her two friends went to the summer camp, they had an amazing time. So good it made me wish that we had done this sooner.

    When summer ended, we stayed for the TKD lessons. Exercise, self-esteem, goal setting, teamwork, Instructor Nelson (his first name, no relation) does an amazing job and works well with kids of all age groups, from 4 year olds, to teen aged children competing at nationals. This school has it all. There are several different pricing packages for varying interest levels, family size, but I have seen folks there from all walks of life that are having the best time watching their kids, or participating in lessons themselves, making memories, and overall just having something productive and constructive to do in South Florida. Really, think about the last few times you have done something as a family. Was it productive and constructive?

    I think the life lessons at CATA are valuable, I think the belt progression is fair and reasonable. No one is brought along too fast and no one is held up to turn belts into profit centers. It is WTF certified, which means if a person excels enough, they may one day participate in the Olympics. It's something to consider. It's reasonably priced, and when the holidays and summers hit, and they will, how nice would it be to know they are in good hands, having fun, and learning skills that will help them in life. When you answer that question, I hope to see you there.

    Erik N.
  • Instructors are AMAZING and they make learning discipline fun!!!! The camp is awesome and my kids LOVE going!!! Instructor Nelson is very kind and understands and takes into consideration each family. He's heaven sent.

    Sandra G.
  • Cata Martial Arts and the Summer Camp Program have been a tremendous blessing for my son and our family. My son has enjoyed the training and camp program. We are in our 9th week and he has not missed a single day. The instructors are easy to talk to and my son has responded well to their guidance. Thank you!

    Eduardo P.
  • Kids Martial Arts Davie

    I love this place. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.The best thing that could happend to my son. He got bullied and I find this place. I believe my son learning some great life lessons well as the techniques.This place changed my 8 year old son's life mentally and physically. The stuff is very knowledgeable and really friendly. They also encourage and provide tons of motivation to stick with it. Instractor Nelson is amazing teacher he is professional. He is great with the kids and do a great job communication with the parents. The summer camp is great too. My son loves it there,he always excited to go. He has lots of fun and enjoy every day in the camp.

    Mariann Gyorgy
  • AWESOME!!!! I have only good things to say about my experience with this summer camp. Nelson is on top of everything 👍🏻 well organized. My son loved it! wants to come back next year, he had a lot of fun it was a wonderful experience.

    Doris Sujo
  • My family and I have enjoyed every moment since we became a part Cata Martial Arts. The life lessons that our daughter has learned are priceless. The studio is a great family oriented place. The schedule is great. The instructors have been amazing. The owner is very professional and has created a wonderful environment.

    Victor Calderon


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